Character Analysis Of Celie In Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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Throughout history there have been many depictions of the struggles that black women face and how those struggles are overcome. Alice Walker’s novel “The Color Purple” showcases Celie’s journey of self-discovery and the struggles that must be overcome in order to find one’s self. Celie has many different relationships with the minor characters, such as Mr._, who shows Celie that people can change, Sofia & Harpo, who show Celie the error in her ways and Nettie & Shug who help Celie regain hope and feel love once again.
Celie’s journey is filled with many challenges that have to be overcome in order to fully move on. Mr._ was a prominent character who mistreats Celie and makes her feel insignificant in every way. Mr._ believes that women are
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“She say, I love you, Miss Celie. And then she haul off and kiss me on the mouth. Um, she say, like she surprise. I kiss her back, say, um, too. Us kiss and kiss till us can’t hardly kiss no more. Then us touch each other.” (47). Celie is smitten with Shug because she makes her feel important and not useless. Shug helps Celie confront Mr._ and move out, once she is ready. Celie’s love for Shug allows her to stand up for what she believes in and move on with her life. Both Nettie and Shug allow Celie to become a better person and regain her confidence and hope. According to Sofia Sundqvist, “sisterhood is vital for Celie as she has nothing else to help her liberate herself from the patriarchal values that keep her down.” (2). The sense of both literal and figurative sisterhood help Celie feel better about herself and her relationship with Shug stems from these feelings. Also, Celie’s relationship with her sister allows her to learn more about the world and be much more open-minded. Celie only has two loves in her life and once they come together, she is able to become the person that she wants to become.
In conclusion, the minor character’s are essential in the evolution and progression of Celie’s character, in Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”. Mr._ shows Celie how people can learn from their mistakes and change, Sofia and Harpo, demonstrate the consequences of prejudice and the idea of equality in marriage, and finally, Nettie and Shug show Celie how to love once again. Celie learns many lessons from the people that she interacts with and teaches them many lessons as well. No one person can live a life without being influenced and helped by

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