Essay on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd )

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) deals with an illogical link from the obsession to the compulsion, or ritual. The obsession is the source of the individual’s fears, such as germs or death, and the ritual is the practices one performs, such as washing one’s hands or blinking a certain number of times, as an alleviation of their obsession. The link may or may not make sense to the individual; with the latter case, the ritual is mainly performed just in case something bad was to happen. Those with OCD become fixated on the rituals, which may very well lessen their anxiety that surrounds their obsession; however, those rituals become increasingly illogical as well as all consuming. The confines of a person’s life may be restricted solely on how to avoid their fears. These avoidance methods, in and of themselves, become anxiety producing, and possibly more debilitating than the central obsession. David Shapiro explicates in his book, Neurotic Styles, that these rituals make the individual rigid and unable to see beyond their own fears and irrationalities. Moreover, Shapiro discusses the loss of autonomy that those with OCD experience, since they are subject to their compulsions. This notion of subservience to the ritual can be observed with Elisa Black’s story as discussed in the ABC podcast, Elisa Black: Anxiety and Me. Through Black’s story, one can examine the illogicality of OCD, the mindset behind performing rituals and the treatments available. Black exhibits signs of…

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