Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd ) Essay

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Obsessive compulsive disorder, formerly considered a type of anxiety disorder, is a potentially debilitating illness that affects people suffering from it in seemingly eternal repetitive obsessive thoughts and behaviors. Individuals with OCD often struggle with recurring and often distressing phobias or ideas they cannot control, bringing disabling anxiety which causes an urgent need to carry out certain actions. The motive of these actions, referred to as compulsions, is often to ease or quiet the obsessive thoughts in one’s mind. While actually following through with the ritual may temporarily quiet the obsessive anxiety, the person must perform the ritual again and again as the obsessions return. For some people, the cycle of OCD symptoms can progress to the point of taking up a large portion of the day and significantly interfering with normally scheduled life.
These certain repeated thoughts cause people to feel the need to check things repeatedly, or get stuck in a cycle of obsessive thoughts. Obsessive thoughts recur and persist despite efforts to suppress them. Among individuals, the obsessions can vary in subject and clarity, but often cause anxiety. Vague obsessions often bring about a sense of disarray or tension. These types of anxiety provoke patients to believe that life as usual cannot go on until the imbalance ceases. Intrusive obsessions are often related to death or violence, and can traumatize the person suffering of them with vivid images of…

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