Essay Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd )

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In the modern society, human beings are constantly confronted with situations where fast decision making skills are necessary to resolve the issue. However, as human beings we are not made perfect and many suffer from psychological setbacks that may hinder person 's decision making skills. One of those setbacks is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorders are described by anxiety, depression, fear, and having repetitive thoughts. This disorder is usually time consuming. People will tend to expend their time by compulsively organizing something that is out of place or excessively checking if the doors are closed. Obsessive compulsive disorder begins in a person 's adolescence or during their early adulthood. However, some cases demonstrates that the disorder may be developed during a person 's childhood. When a person develops the disorder during their childhood, the disorder is usually found more commonly among male than female children. Cases of obsessive compulsive disorder have been found throughout the world, therefore, eliminating the idea that the disorder only affects within a specific region. The disorder may also develop into a lifelong disorder. Certain types of individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder may even avoid contact with others due to the fact that they perceive the other person as unclean. Some individuals that experience this disorder will seek help to control their obsession or compulsion or both by seeing…

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