Observations : Professional Development, And Principal Interview Summaries And Log

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Observations, Professional Development, and Principal Interview Summaries and Log Throughout the semester, fall 2015, I have deliberated where I am as a teacher, the good and the bad, of what I continually do on a daily basis for students that are being raised in a world unlike any in history. There is now much more emphasis on learning as a skill, on increasing people’s ability to learn (on their own or in groups), and on developing this ability in everyone. This might seem simple, but it’s not. This change means that schools and other educational institutions now need to be organized differently. Teachers, students, parents, and administrators need to think differently, and to understand why they need to think differently (21st Century Learning, 2015). By observing teachers in the classroom, by doing professional development on topics I feel important, and having open discussions with my principal I know I need to think differently about my own practices to be a successful 21st Century Teacher.
In each of the classes that I observed, 4 different teachers, each teacher began the class with what some called, “warm up exercises” or “bell-work”. These were used to activate prior knowledge and build on what the lesson for that day was to be. Each teacher had the students work on this while they checked the roll and then they spent no more than 3 minutes discussing these questions. After this exercise, with the exception of one teacher, is where I see the…

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