Observational Writing Essay

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Observation Writing
Donna Slauf
Everest University
Carolyn Savoldy Instructor
Composition 1102-13
August 2, 2015

Starting this assignment I wasn’t aware of observation in my surroundings. I was naturally aware of my surroundings to make sure that everything was safe. I just became observant, of weather, birds and animals, and growing things. Now the assignment is to write about observing. So I think I’ll try to write about observing a day in the Slauf household and how it affects me in regards to the weather, my animals, and my husband.

I had gotten up 20 minutes after my husband leaves for work. I am frustrated because I like to give him a kiss and tell him I love him and tell him to have a good day play nice with the other
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We usually work on the yard, weeding, pruning bushes, and sitting a while in our swing, just enjoying being together and the day. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer September 9, 2014 and it’s been very frustrating. Every day I check in with him to make sure he is feeling up to doing any extra work after working most of the morning. If he is up to it, we do the little projects around the house, then we have lunch. After lunch, he usually needs a small nap and then we’d watch our recorded television programs from the day before or he plays his games and I work on schoolwork. My husband is very important to me, we have been together for 28 years, and not a day goes by that when I look at him I am blessed.

This is been a wonderful day. Observing and being aware of things around you can be eye-opening. Now my day is ending and I have my homework done for the week. I think I will treat us to a new movie with cheese and crackers. This has been a long observable day in the Slauf household and how it affects me in regards to the weather, my animals and my wonderful

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