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When given the opportunity to observe teachers, good or bad, we gain insight as to what our future teaching careers may look like. We see the mechanics that make every hour in everyday function as effectively as possible. Experiencing different techniques from teacher to teacher and observing how they handle multiple situations aids in understanding and development. I have had the pleasure of working with many different teachers this semester, who will be with me in every situation I come across. Whether the experience was good or bad, each provided learning and a chance for me to grow and adapt my teaching method.
First is Mrs. Kerr the second-grade teacher, I observed in my ED-410 class. Among the most valuable lessons I learned from this
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Headley the fifth and fourth-grade math/science teacher that I observed in my ED-310 class. During my observations, Mr. Headley would go over the new section of the science book as a whole class, covering and discussing new vocabulary words. He would then use cooperative learning for the students to read and create a presentation of their assigned sections. Mr. Headley demonstrates how procedures are very important to incorporate from day one. His students always know what is expected of them during this time and there are little to no questions asked. Their time effectively used and all students contribute to their group presentations. When giving presentations, Mr. Headley uses a rubric to grade his students, which the students get at the beginning of each section. From my experience with Mr. Headley, I have learned that it is very important to make sure students know what you expect. Incorporating procedures explaining the correct way to complete day to day task is a vital part of every classroom. By eliminating the guesswork, you will spend less time exhausting yourself trying to keep control of student behavior. Well, this is important, I have also learned that you need to keep things fun and interesting. Mr. Headley uses procedures effectively, however, I found the unchanged repetition boring. I hope to keep my classroom engaged by creating fun new activities that challenge their thinking and encourages them to explore and learn well following procedures …show more content…
Trujillo the third-grade teacher, I observed in my ED-405 class. Being that I have worked with this group of students since they were in the first grade and have observed their changes from year to year. This is a group that is talkative and help one another when needed. There is a dyslexic student, advanced gifted student, twins, an ELL and various other individuals that contribute to this tight-knit community. Mr. Trujillo is dedicated to creating optimal learning groups that help strengthen and build on each student’s education. His understanding of this group lets him give them the freedom to discuss what they are studying. On any given day, you may think that there is complete chaos, but when you listen to the students and observe how Mr. Trujillo guides their discussions, you realize that they are on topic and building an understanding of the material. I have learned from Mr. Trujillo that it is important to adapt your teaching to the class. Just because one group is quite and likes individual work, it does not mean that the next year will be the same. Each New Year brings new students and new experiences, therefore you must change year to year. It is also important to know and understand your students who have IEP’s put in place. Tutoring the dyslexic student has taught me to understand that IEP’s need to be followed to meet those student’s needs. Mr. Trujillo was not entirely sure on how to incorporate this students’ needs at the beginning of the year.

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