Observation Summary On The Room 105 Essay

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Observation Summary
I enter room 105 which is a three year old room, I took a seat near the corner of the room, next I begin my observation I observe a teacher and three children playing with some small beads and strings, the teachers being to introduce the beads to the children, she engaged them in a conversation about the different color beads and the different sizes of the beads as well as the shapes of the beads, she looked over and notice one child who was stringing the beads and said, it looks like you are making a pattern, next she begin to explain to the child about what is a pattern, but as she explain to the child that the item was a bead the child continue to say “this is a ball” the teacher explain to the child that it looks like a ball it’s shape like a ball but it’s a bead. Next another child said look Mrs. Teacher I have four of them and they teacher said can you tell me four of what and the child said four of these and begin to point to four yellow squares, the teacher said “C” you have four squares all lined up in a row. Next child number three was putting her beads on and taking them off , then she told her teacher I want to go in the house keeping area, the teacher said as soon as we finish here we can go over, next the other two children begin to take the beads off the string and place them inside the bowl, one child said I’m going to bake a cake she place the other bowl on top of the bowl walked over to the manipulative shelf and place the bowl…

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