Observation Study Design Paper

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Observation Study Design
Leazaun Thornton
Walden University

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for
Dr. Aaron B. Mendelsohn, PhD, MPH
Tuberculosis continues to infect a large percentage of the world's population, infecting more than 8.8 million people per year, and killing 1.6 million people per year. A major risk factor of tuberculosis is Diabetes Mellitus causing complications involving the circulation and the body's ability to fight infection. There is major concern in low- to middle- income countries about the increase of both diabetes and tuberculosis. An assessment is necessary due to the public health inference there is a casual link between diabetes and tuberculosis. So, observational studies were conducted that
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The cohort studies revealed that compared with people who do not have diabetes; people with diabetes have an approximately 3-fold risk of developing active tuberculosis (Jeon & Murray, 2008). Higher increases in risk were seen among younger people, in populations with high background tuberculosis incidence, and in non-North American populations. According to Jeon & Murray (2008), heterogeneity of strengths of association may reflect true geographic/ethnic differences in severity of diabetes, transmission dynamics of tuberculosis, and the distribution of effect modifiers such as age, or it may be due to differences in study methodology or rigor. The summary estimate may not be correct to all populations as all cohort studies were conducted in Asia. Finally, people with diabetes may be important targets for interventions such as active case finding and treatment of latent tuberculosis and efforts to diagnose, detect, and treat diabetes may have a beneficial impact on tuberculosis control (Murray,

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