Essay about Observation of the Early Childhood

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Observation of the Early Childhood

An observation was held in the children'"s wing of Tarrant County Junior
College. A variety of children between the ages of two to six were observed in activities ranging from physical and motor to social and cognitive development.
Specifically I mean that whether it was leadership skills or lack of, running, climbing and jumping, drawing and writing, or anything that could fall between, it has been seen, done and accounted for in the following observation. First let's start with the physical and motor development. Please say hello to Karligh and Bethany, my first volunteers of the observation. Both girls are in the four-year olds. The first activities under physical and motor
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William is the five year old artist I observed. William is making a noble effort trying to draw an airplane.
Probably the most interesting part of William's drawing is the human characteristics he gives to the airplane. The airplane is standing upright with its tail, which looks much like a person's legs planted firmly on the ground.
The wings go straight out, side to side and carry the resemblance of a person's arms. The head of the plane has an overall accurate shape to that of a real airplane. On the head of the plane, William has drawn in two eyes and a smiling mouth. The only thing left out(reasonably speaking that is when taking into consideration that a five year old child is drawing this) is a fully developed tail. William was unwilling to give up his picture for my project. The counting section was short and sweet. Once again the observation is back in the four year olds age group. Karligh, Madison, Lincoln and Zann were the four participants in the counting contest. The rules are simple, count till you can't count no more. Our first dropout of the contest was the physical and motor development queen, that's right, Karligh. Karligh couldn't go past twelve. Madison hung on until twentythree and Zann lasted until that evertricky thirtynine. Zann was our champion who kept

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