Observation Of Observation : Observation Essay

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Observation is a process of observing or monitoring through noting or recording people or specific situations (Palaiologou, 2013). Observation is a method widely used in most if not all early-years settings by practitioners to collect evidence or track a child’s learning journey. It is also used to inform planning. Roberts – Holmes (2011) acknowledges the expectation of Early Years professional’s use of observations set by the Early Years Foundation Stage. Observation is also a key method used by Early Years Researchers which enables a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative data to be captured through use of specific observation methods. Observations methods such as a narrative or learning story can provide a naturalistic insight into what is happening at that moment however this type of qualitative data may provide difficulty in accuracy as the observation will be subject to the interpretation of the observer. Rolfe and Emmett (2010) suggest that observations should be recorded in such a way that if someone else was to observe, then they too would come up with a similar observation. This gives the impression that it might be useful to have more than one person observing or even analysing the data. Video observation may be a useful tool as more than one observer can analyse the data without the intrusive nature of being in the same room as the children being observed, however Rolfe and Emmett (2010) take into account that the video camera itself may prove to be…

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