Observation Of Driving And Community Mobility Essay

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Jeanese Murdock
Splint Wearing Reflection Paper
Over a period of the first two days I wore my splint for six hours. First in the setting of driving and community mobility which was an hour. While at home I wore it for another 2 hours while doing ADLs and IADLs. Also, I participated in the leisure setting for 3 hours. I was only able to sleep in it for two hours. Saturday morning I wore the splint for three and a half hours deer hunting.
I must say that the splint was comfortable, but it hindered me in all occupations. In the setting of driving and community mobility I got into my truck and cranked it and I thought this isn’t bad at all. I stopped at a store to get a drink and when I reached to turn the ignition off, I realized that I was limited in range of motion especially in radial deviation and wrist extension. Upon entering the store and getting my drink I realized all my money was in my right front pocket. The splint doesn’t go into my pocket and I could not reach into my pocket with my left hand. Needless to say I had to remove the splint to retrieve the money from my pocket. The man at the counter was looking at me with a smirk but never offered his assistance. After entering my house, I proceeded to put all my things down to change clothes and again I was faced with limited range of motion. I needed full wrist extension and flexion, radial and ulnar deviation in order to remove my clothes. I put some clothes in the washer and dryer that did not present a…

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