Observation of Child at Play Essay examples

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Observation of Child at Play
Time: 6:04-6:38
Location: School field/Playground
Child: Abigail, 72 months, girl
Description: light red hair and freckles all over her face, very outgoing, talkative, and youngest out of two girls, loves to socialize, in the 1st grade.
I walked up to the park where Abigail and her team were practicing. She was laying on the grass picking up a flower. She walks over to her dad and gives it to him. The whistle blows and she gets up and runs to the practice field. She then begins to kick a ball and turns when she hears she dad tell her to get with everybody else. She then runs to the other players and proceeds to tickle the little boy next to her. She laughs as he does it back to her. She then
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She turns and looks at the coach and then runs to the side line and picks up her water bottle. She sits down by a bag and drinks her water. She then starts looking through the bag, closes it, and takes another sip of her water. She then lays down on the grass and yells that she is tired. She rolls over on her stomach and starts picking and throwing the grass. She turns and looks at her dad and listens to him as he talks. She nods her head and gets up and runs back to the field with her ball.
After evaluating my observation, I feel that Abigail fall in Mildred Parten’s stages of social play, as cooperative. She works well with others, and as they were playing, she was able to work with other players to get through the drill. She passed and shared the ball with other children as well.
When looking at Smilansky’s stages, I feel that Abigail was in games with rules. She played soccer and had to follow rules and commands placed by the coach. I also observed functional play. She repeated many actions with the soccer ball and practiced kicking the ball correctly and fast.
Comments and Reflections:
a. Social behavior—did the child appear to be comfortable with self, get along well with others, and adjust to the norms of the group? She had great social behavior and worked well with others. She seemed to test her dad though the observation but when it came to playing with another child, she did great.

b. Emotional behavior—did the child express emotions

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