Observation Of Breakfast And Breakfast In The Preschool Classroom

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For my observation hours, I observed at Lucy Brock. I observed in the infant/toddler room number two and the preschool room. I observed snack and breakfast in the infant/toddler and lunch in the preschool room.
In the infant/toddler room, there is a child that I observed that during snack time especially the amount of food he ate varied. One day that I observed he barely touched the chips, and on another day, he ate almost all of his snack. This related to the division of responsibility because he was controlling how much or whether he eats. The caregivers gave him time to decide whether he was going to eat or at least try the food, but after some time passed they would ask if he was done, and if he said yes they would tell him to go put his
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The older children of the infant/toddler room get chunkier, harder whole foods compared to the younger group that eat solids. The younger group that eats solids get softer more age appropriate foods. If they get fruit it is cut up into smaller pieces. Most of the food that they children are given does not require utensils, with the exception of applesauce. The infants that are still eating pureed food are fed with small spoons with rubber tips that are appropriate for that age. In the preschool room the children are offered the same foods, and then they decide what is put on their plate. During my observation hours, I did not witness any children having food aversions. I did, however, notice that the children at Lucy Brock ate a wide variety of foods, unlike some children that eat one or two foods. This is due to the fact that they are constantly exposed to different foods and they have their peers and caregivers to observe and model their eating habits. I think that the food provided at Lucy Brock seems to be healthy all around. I haven’t seen the children eating unhealthy …show more content…
All of them are in small containers that are marked with dates. After all meals the clean the tables and sanitize. In the preschool room, all of the bowls that they are using to serve had utensils in them so that they children are touching that instead of the food. The caregivers in both the infant/toddler and the preschool room are constantly washing their hands to keep from contaminating/ spreading anything to the children. I was not able to see the way they store their food in the main kitchen or how they prepare the

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