Observation Of An ESP Class At BRAC University

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In this document, I will describe my observation of an ESP class at BRAC University. The purpose of this report is to reflect on the teacher’s teaching strategies and class environment in relation with what I have learned in my teaching practicum class. The one and half hour lesson conducted on 29th may 2016.
Pre Observation Conference

I had a Pre observation conference with the teacher to know a brief overview about the class. I had discussed class size and level; there were 30 students who were beginners 20 of them were male and 10 female. The teacher said that the focus of this class was writing and his goal was to use writing activities to help them develop second language acquisition. I had also briefly discussed the activities
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He had used a verities of activities like pair and individual work. There were smooth transaction between activities. The language of instruction was completely appropriate for the learners and the amount of teacher and student talk were mostly appropriate.
 The teacher’s use of the target language and English in the classroom were appropriate and effective according to students need.
 The teacher corrected the errors committed by the learners and provided feedback on activities or assignment perfectly.
 The class atmosphere was completely warm, open and accepting. Student participation was active and lively and they seemed to be clear about what they should be doing. Limited time was given to complete the tasks/topics. The teacher was friendly and very much motivated toward the students.
 There was use of teaching techniques like booklet and PowerPoint were relevant according to the objective of the lesson and teaching methods.
 Materials were appropriate according to the age level and relevant according to the content of the lesson which was completely
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The class that I went to observe was a pre-university course. Basically, this program was designed for those students who were seeking to perfect and enhance their English language skills to become successful BRAC University students. The goal of this program is to assist the students to become active and independent learners, critical thinkers, responsible and thoughtful adults and most importantly successful university students.
Teaching topic:
The respectable teacher taught how to write “Topic Sentence”. He had followed direct method along with the PPP-presentation, practice and production for this lesson. According to direct method his classroom instruction was conducted exclusively in the target language. He conducted oral teaching before writing activities. The Questions were asked and students had to give answer using full sentences. Students had self-corrected themselves. Lastly, they produce paragraph writing.
Teaching strength: The respectable teacher had naturally taught how to write topic sentence by using target language. He was very sensitive in time

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