Observation Of A Early Childhood Observation

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Setting: In a church one Sunday morning in the infant and toddlers nursery room. I am sitting in the back of the room observing. I watched the parents bring in their kids to drop them off before heading to the main church. There were two adult and three adolescence volunteers in the room to assist with the children. The volunteers who were around 16 were there to help with the toddlers that could talk and walk. The infants that could not walk are carried in and place in mats or buckled chairs. There were around six toddlers and four infants brought to the room. The walking toddlers that have been in the room before run in the class and go straight to their special space or games. The other toddlers who were there for the first time …show more content…
I move my attention to the children who were in the gym earlier than the three children. At this point, some of the children were just going from slide to game to slide. It looks like they were getting tired of doing the same thing but their mind would not let them stop. They were still laughing as if they were riding the slide for the first time. One child who looks like she was five years old, Jump in a huge balls pool. She started to throw the ball up in the air. As soon as the other children saw that, they ran to the pool of balls too and started to throw them in the air. The children in the pool were calling out to each other and make throwing the ball into a game. The five year old girl yelled out, you cannot throw as high as I can. The oldest boy from the three that just arrived, responded by saying, watch I will throw it to the ceiling. To them that was a fun game to play and they were enjoying themselves.
10:45 AM – 11:00 AM Setting: I moved to seat next to the door as some children were leaving with their guardians. I saw a little boy no more than four years old fighting with his guardian to stay for a little bit longer. The guardian said we have been here since nine O’clock. The child turned around and said “So, just want to play a little bit more.” The other children who were still in the gym were having a lot of fun that made it even harder the little boy to leave. As more kids were coming in more were

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