Observation, Emotion And The State Of My Healthy Life Style

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MY DAILY LIFE STYLE For one to establish a stress free life, one of the most important aspects one should pursue together is having a balanced healthy life style. Paying attention to the level of changes in once life over a period of time requires a full attention and cooperation of the individual’s daily activity towards achieving this goal. As an individual , it is priority to pay proper attention to my life style by adopting a measuring scale that will help to determine my motivation ,emotion and the state of my stress level in my daily activity. By applying the self-assessment exercise, I was able to find out how the activities of the day affected my life. The assessment made …show more content…
These physical reactions cause a release of hormones, which occur to protect me from harm or to help me engage in positive action (Lazarus, 1991). like sleeping, taking a jogging exercise, take my dog on a walk, walking in the park, taking time to do my breathing exercise, calming myself down by finding a quiet place to sit down and take a break, in between activities of the day, having cold water when I feel stressed or pressured due to work load or any other activity of the day. I understood that stress signs comes with strong pressure on the mind that try to keep one distracted and makes one loss function interest on the things that makes one improve and do better. I can do some recreational activities to help me in dealing with stress like playing drum, talking to friends, joining book club, and avoiding negative people, and going to bed at night on time. Understanding these concepts will make a great improvement and make my relationship with others be stronger than before. It will give me a new look towards what I know to do, in order to be better to achieve my goal regarding how to deal with stress in everyday life. (How to Be Happy, Pursuit of Happiness, 2008). Stress comes as an emotional imbalance that draws one to function positively or negatively in everyday activity. It is essential for every human being to have a systematic approach towards the activities of healthy life style for optimum result from a healthy

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