Observation 1 Physical Development Essay

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Observation 1 Physical Development

Date 9/10/2012

Time 11.00am
Number of children present 1
Number of adults present 2
Permission obtained from mother
Physical Development:

Physical development: The growth and development of the body’s muscles, bones, energy systems, and the nervous system.

Description of setting:
This observation took place at the TC home.
Immediate context: In the main living room there is lots of cushions around the room, there is wooden floors and the room is quite spacious for the TC. Her mother informs me she is never left on her own in this room because she can wriggle onto the floor from the bean bag. The mother informs me the TC is put in her cot after lunch at 1 pm every day for a nap for
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Mother places TC back on bean bag in the supine position TC has rolled onto floor in an attempt to crawl but she just slides on her stomach.

Aim of observation: |
From the start, babies want to explore their world. They are eager to move their eyes, their mouths, and their bodies toward the people and objects that comfort and interest them. They practice skills that let them not only move closer to desired objects, but also move desired objects closer to themselves. As they grow, children's determination to master movement, balance, and fine-motor skills remains intense. |

Method used: typed checklist from Flood (2010) and pen.

Prone: | | Evidence: | | |
The aim of this observation was to observe TC, a six month old baby girl, during a morning in order to assess her physical development. I feel that this aim was achieved very well. Generally I found that the Childs physical development was within the normal ranges for her age. Her gross motor skills were evident because I observed her lifting her head when lying in a prone position. While some babies of her age may attempt to crawl my TC did not, (Sheridan 1997).
In supine position she does lift her arms and feet above her head and from time to time lifts her head above the floor but flops back down on bean bag after a few seconds when she got tired. When the mother placed TC on her lap TC did sit straight supporting her own head

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