Objectives Of Strategic Plan Process Essay

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There are ten steps to strategic plan process which public managers create a five-year or longer plan, along with budgets and reporting of their operations to emphasize the longevity of its organizations. This is a way of providing accountable measurements, performances reviews, and efficiency, effectiveness towards the overall health of an organization. These measurements are used to adjust the organization accordingly if the program or services are not being effective or being underutilized by the public. These strategic plans are great instrumental tools for reporting to constituents, donors, sponsors and governmental officials on program and services effectiveness provided to and for the community (Bryson, 2014).
Public manager and its board or committee will initiate and agree on a strategic plan process that will govern the organization. There needs to be key internal and external support and commitment of major decisions to an organization to succeed. The external decisions to an organization is the impact of implementing its plan in the community and its stakeholders, sponsors and donors (Bryson, 2014).
The second step is formal and informal mandates that are placed on the organizations which are “musts’ requirements, restrictions, and expectations needed to be followed by the organization as a whole. These mandates are typically located in the bylaws, articles, chartr of its organization and should be reviewed during the strategic planning process and reviewed…

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