Objectives Of An Effective Meeting

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Usually, a meeting comprises of people getting together, who all share the similar aims and objectives. Through both verbal and written communication all participating people contribute to accomplishing the objectives. Whenever any type of meeting is to go ahead, planning and preparation along with the right attitude and leadership of the assigned chairperson are of the upmost importance for it to be a success. In effect, the chairperson is the leader, just like in any type of working group and the responsibilities of that assigned person to make the meeting a success are;
• Plan, structure and control the discussions of the specific subjects that are on the agenda.
• Keep control of the group by fostering and stimulating consensus relationships.
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• Consult. Effective meetings generally have three key elements in common;
• A controlled situation.
• A main purpose or aim.
• Using effective communication.
They also have components containing;
• Content- Knowledge, Information, ideas, experience, opinions, attitudes and expectations.
• Interaction- Working together dealing with the contents of the meeting.
• Structure- this is the way the information and all participants are organised to accomplish the objectives and purpose of the specific meeting.
At Wire Mesh Fabrications, we have an informal Production Meeting every morning at 8 am prompt in the Operation’s Managers office. Usually, Our Operation’s Manager chairs the meeting along with his four main supervisors attending. The Sales Manager is always welcome to attend if there are any issues regarding deliveries, urgent orders etc. The General Manager again, is always invited and when he sees fit, will attend. If the Ops manager is not available , then I get nominated to chair the meeting and lead the way.
The usual agendas of the meeting are explained on the illustration below;
Production Planning
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The above master program sheet is updated by hand once the information is collated from the ‘Daily Live Order’ sheet as well as communication from the supervisors from the various departments. AS well, as seen on the Illustration, each department/machinery has at least 2-3jobs/products to follow up and are identified with their appropriate job number as our ISO 9001 process requires. The meeting lasts usually 15-20 min and then later in the day at 2pm prompt, we reconvene for an update meeting for all the relevant changes and new information to be analysed and adjusted, due to the nature of the manufacturing environment here at WMF.
Daily Live Order Sheet Sometimes, we will get notice from our company’s owners and stakeholders, regarding a visit and various meetings which involve various members of staff at our company. So when we are made aware of the visit, we communicate with all intended people with regards to agendas of meetings, travel, accommodation, times, venues etc. With this communication, planning, purposes of the meeting, it all helps to be an efficient, successful and objective

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