Objectives And Objectives Of Organizational Control Essay

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Every organization has components such as planning, organizing and leading. Planning describes all the activities that are formulated around a strategy for example, near, long term goals and objectives. Organizing and leading refer to the way people work together, how they are motivated to achieve goals and objectives. Organizational control refers to the process to influence employees to behave in a way that will allow employees to reach the same goal. If the organization has a proper design, then it would be easier to achieve goals because such controls would lead to better performance and the organization would be able to execute its strategy better. In management they are four steps in the control process, the process begins with planning when performance objectives and standards for measuring are set. The objectives that define what one wants to accomplish in terms of key results. (Shermethorn, J.R. and Bachrach, D.G., 2015, p.202). Measuring Performance: This is the comparison between what is accomplish and what was envisioned to achieve. Many organizations prepare reports to compare if they goals were met, organization can measure performance by the following steps: inventory, expenses and income. This process is very important because the organization can identify differences between what is really taking place and was originally planned. (Shermethorn, J.R. and Bachrach, D.G., 2015, p.203). Compare performance with the standards: This steps is about comparing…

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