Piano Sonata No. 13 In E-Flat

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1. Piano Sonata No. 13 in E-flat major Op. 27 No. 1
Objective Description: The first movement, No. 13 in E-flat major Op. 27 begins with a soft note that goes higher note as steps. The same melody repeats few times, then the sound goes gradually louder the sound, but at the certain point, the sound suddenly goes small like pianissimo. Then three note beats that repeats, then smaller touch of pair starts. Then, the same melody gets faster and faster. This piece ends by the same melody as in the beginning but ended strongly at the end. Starts with a piano tone that melody goes up and down on the keyboard that repeats few times. Suddenly mood changes by the completely different melody which uses middle keys of the piano keyboard with
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Some part played fast high note with mezzo forte but other than that mostly sound is between piano and mezzo piano. After the soft piano note that barely can hear melody changed into different from the beginning. It turned to the mezzo forte. Crescendo with the up going keyboard. Towards the end, faster and close to forte. After that, same melody as the mezzo forte one before but faster. Follow by soft melody repeated then to start play with a deep sound key of the piano keyboard. Then, with fortissimo familiar melody that was mainly used in this movement. Then new melody starts with piano with high note slowly with the crescendo, melody got really faster and faster. It ended with one note …show more content…
Immediately piano follows. Violin leads the melody with a high note. The piano is also playing high note. Both start soft and fast with a high note. Both plays after one note going down steps play by using the lower and lower key. After violin plays one phrase, piano takes the lead and play the same phrase with using crescendo and decrescendo while the violin plays back melody with a high note. After that, it repeats the same or somewhat similar melody by both violin and piano. Most of the part is polyphonic texture. The piano leads the second movement that starts soft and violin follow. Violin plays fast. After the phrase, Violin plays the same phrases as piano. While violin plays the main melody, the piano is becoming play forte as a back part. There is a couple of part instruments play like a mountain the melody goes up to use of high note on the piano and violin key and then goes down by use lower and lower key. This movement is slow playing most of the part. End with

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