Obesogenic Foods Essay

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Life-Threatening Obesogenic Foods Today’s generation may be the first to be buried before the parents. As a result of the young people’s unhealthy eating habits, America’s obesity rates continue to increase and the need for a change is indisputable. An immediate change in eating habits and physical lifestyles must be made before the obesity epidemic can no longer be reversed. The fast-food industry, though largely culpable, is not the only contributor to this issue. The government’s failure to restrict these companies from producing such unhealthy foods simply encourages this on-going problem. It is also a much greater responsibility for the people to stop consuming these foods. The young people of today, who are between the ages of eighteen …show more content…
The idea of a drive-thru revolutionized the fast-food industry. Consumers now had an even faster and cheaper way of obtaining such foods. Businesses continued to develop new methods that would increase the profit that these foods were bringing, but in the early 2000s, companies began to cut back. As obesity rates rapidly increased and even doubled during this time, businesses and producers were forced to reduce the fat in the foods. It was strikingly evident that these foods were causing serious health related issues. In the interview, “Americans Are Obsessed with Fast Food: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal,” by CBS News, Eric Schlosser explained how America’s obsession with fast food led to obesity and to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year (7). People’s lifestyles and eating habits had gone from bad to worse. It is up to this generation to reverse the worsening trend of …show more content…
Fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks, two of the largest in America, continue to attract customers with their relatively inexpensive foods and drinks. The consumers, however, are unaware that these foods are laden with calories of fats and sugars. And although these companies are required to provide customers with nutrition facts, most are not seen until one asks for that information. Over the years, companies have also distorted the serving proportions. Customers are set to believe that they are buying more for a less amount of money. This has programmed the customers to crave and consume even more of these fattening meals. These fast-food companies further manipulated the prices to obtain a greater profit and satisfy the public’s growing

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