Obesity : The Worst Word Ever Known Essay

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Obesity, the worst word ever known. It is a widely known risk-factor for the most common medical illnesses and diseases. as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, some carcinomas, degenerative diseases of weight bearing joints (spine, hips, knees), and present a huge medical and social problem, as well. It causes not only somatic but mental problems also, especially in females and younger persons. Some of them undergo risky weight reducing methods, surgical procedures and various other means to reduce their body weight and to release mentally stressing body deformities Persons with reduced functional abilities avoid body activity, it causes increasing of obesity, and one makes other worse. Concerning on incidence of described problem and its impaction on society in general, it is necessary to make every effort in prevention and treatment of obesity, as important risk factor and consequence of reduced functional abilities of most common diseases.

Personal heath is often a topic that is very private. Healthcare professionals are sworn to secrecy about their patients. The obese and unhealthy often ask why their problem is anybody else 's business. The truth is that every taxpayer and every policy holder is paying for a substantial amount of medical expenses due to diseases related to obesity. most defenders of obesity fail to realize is that obesity is not only an individual 's problem but a social problem with what people want and not…

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