Obesity : The Obesity Epidemic Essay

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Tackling the Obesity Epidemic

Approximately 17% of children ages two through nineteen are suffering from obesity. Obesity is an enormous problem in this United States but, also has affected many worldwide. Now, there are many controversial debates about who is to blame for obesity. Many individuals believe that it is the consumers fault for becoming obese but, others believe that it is the fast food industries’ fault. In America, obesity is an unavoidable issue. Since the 1900’s the obesity rate in America has increased tremendously. Now, obesity has become an issue not just for adults but children as well. Obesity affects all ages from toddlers to older adults. Many people do not see the effects obesity has on an individuals health. There are many health issues that come along with being obese. Some examples would be listed as the following: Heart disease, strokes, diabetes, different kinds cancer, breathing problems, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis. Now, that is not all the health problems an individual may suffer from. The youth today have turned to eating out rather than having a home cooked meal. Now why is that? Some people state that youth turn to eating out because it is fast, easy, and cheap. Some also argue that it is because the individuals parents’ work so they are not home to make a meal for them to eat so, they turn to eating fast food. Also, some believe that it is because of lack of exercise. In order to fix the rising obesity epidemic, individuals…

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