Blaming Fast Food Persuasive Essay

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In recent years, the problem of being grossly overweight, or obese has become rampant among Americans. In fact, an alarming number of persons are suffering from obesity today (Selimyan). According to Selimyan, “In the United States, the obesity rates in children doubled during past three decades and quadrupled in adolescents. About one-third of all adults are obese and two-thirds are overweight in the United States” (Selimyan). With this in mind, research has surprisingly shown that “obese young adults and middle-agers in the U.S. are likely to lose almost a decade of life on average, as compared with their non-obese counterparts. Given our obesity rates, that means Americans who are alive today can collectively expect to sacrifice 1 billion …show more content…
First, to suggest that everyone should be avoiding fast food altogether is unrealistic. When in fact, we should be furthering the education of patients who are obese. Secondly, this type of thinking, to completely cut out fast food is completely one-sided and impractical. In particular, to presume that everyone can cut out fast food altogether, with the lives of Americans becoming as busy as they are, with kids, work, school and more, is unmanageable. Indeed, educating Americans of the health risks of obesity is undoubtedly a vital issue that should be addressed. However, with doctors giving this vastly one-sided solution, fast food has become stigmatized in the eyes of Americans. Not to mention, in this day and age, it is clearly unrealistic to expect anyone to abstain from fast food without wavering. In fact,in a controversial article, “How Junk Food Can End Obesity”, David Freedman discusses why it is unrealistic and unnecessary that Americans give up on fast food entirely. He states that so-called “wholesome and healthy food” is not any better for you just for the reason that it is labeled “wholesome” or “organic; in fact, some of the low-calorie alternatives found at fast food chain restaurants are found to just have nutritional as the “wholesome” alternatives (Freedman 4). …show more content…
Let us not shame one another, but rather act in haste to educate and support others. We should be encouraging the fast food chains to continue to add educational information about the nutritional value and calories of food. Certainly, with the knowledge and education provided, each person can prepare an educated decision from the options to choose from. The “Let’s Move” campaign will continue to encourage exercise and healthy meal options which should also be enlightening parents how to provide healthy meals at home as well. We can educate others to take these modest steps with little disruption from the busy lives of Americans. This can be as simple as teaching others how to prepare healthy meals in advance or prepping food for busy work nights. Furthermore, with the help of healthcare professionals, they can provide the best possible care to those struggling with obesity. With these actions, we can begin to further help one another as a country and win this

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