Obesity : Obesity And Obesity Essay

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In the 19th century obesity symbolized wealth and power. Although as the years progressed, scientists discovered that obesity leads to the disintegration of the human body. Not only is obesity a serious threat to the body but also, to the economy. In America, more than 190 billion dollars in medical costs are spent taking care of the repercussions of the obesity epidemic (Harvard). Consequently, not only do these health care costs increase, but also burdens the health care system. Even though the statistics of overweight Americans continue to rise, maintaining a healthy diet, along with staying physically fit significantly reduces the rate of obesity. We, as a country, need to discover more effective ways to promote healthy diets and physical exercise to reduce obesity in America. The chronic disease, obesity, is defined by Dictionary.com as a condition of being overweight. Although, obesity is not only considered an overweight condition but also, a complex disease condition medicated through the interplay of multiple genetic, biologic, metabolic, behavioral, social, economic, and cultural determinants (The Obesity Society). The Body Mass Index, also known as the BMI, is a system used by doctors to determine whether their patient is overweight. A person 's weight in kilograms divided by the square of their height in meters is how the BMI is calculated (World Health Organization). World Health Organization 's definition of the BMI states that a BMI greater than or equal to…

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