Essay about Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

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People have been eating food for million of years. In the United States, the number of overweight people has increased dramatically. Obesity occurs when the body accumulates excess body fat that eventually causes a negative impact on one’s health. A recent study by obesity society showed that America has the richest people and also the fattest people in the world. It wasn 't like this back in the ‘90s because people were watching what they were eating, and they were exercising more, but now people are eating too much and they are not getting active. “Data from the CDC indicate that the U.S. obesity average was 12% in 1990 and had grown to 23% by 2005” (The ABNF Journal). This shows how much obesity’s percentage has increased over a period of time. This percentage is increasing dramatically. Obesity will continue to rise unless we give people lessons on how to eat healthily and stay active. Obesity is on the rise. Many people are getting overweight now due to what they eat, and this goes for men, women and even children which made this even more shocking. “Each year, over 300,000 adults in the U.S. will die from obesity related causes. As of 2004, the proportion of obese adults in the U.S. reached 32% of the total population. Among adolescents, obesity has increased to 17.1% of the population between the 1999-2004 periods” (The ABNF Journal). This increase in prevalence has made obesity a threat to public health in this country. Most people don’t know how expensive their…

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