Essay about Obesity : Low Fat And Normal Foods

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Nutrition became an eye opening topic while taking this course since I am taking note of each meal I have and how many calories I take in a day. Before this course, the food labels were irrelevant to me. However, after giving the food label a chance, dietary plans have been extremely easier to take note of. After thorough research, one research journal caught my attention that has some surprising information that no one would consider. A research journal written by Brian Wansink and Pierre Chandon (2006) basically consider several studies that include low-fat and normal foods. Research shows that low-fat nutrition labels can allegedly lead to obesity. Generally people would think that low-fat foods would lead to a healthier diet, but they are wrong. People choose the low-fat foods to make themselves feel less guilty, nevertheless, they end up eating more than they should be since they think the low-fat foods are healthier. The authors began a study with incoming students and their families that included M&M’s. Two bowls were placed on a table, one with normal M&M’s and one with low-fat. The people who took the normal M&M’s grabbed a small portion, while the people who prefered the low-fat M&M’s grabbed a large handful. What they found out about this study is that people will eat less if they think the food consumed has more calories, and people who choose the “low-fat” M&M’s grabbed more since they assume it has less calories. Basically, since people are consuming more of…

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