Essay on Obesity Is The United States

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One of the biggest problems we have in America today is obesity. Obesity is the condition of being grossly fat and many people in America have this condition. Being overweight and obese are two very different things. When one is overweight this extra weight could come from water, bone, fat, or even muscle. When someone is obese this is when they have only too much fat. There are many reasons why obesity is on the rise in America. Obesity is a dreadful thing that Americans have to go through because it causes heart disease and causes three hundred thousand deaths a year. Many families lose many loved ones to this horrible epidemic that is spreading through America. There are many reasons why obesity is on the rise in America. The first and most prominent reason why most people in America are obese is simply because they are too lazy and are not motivated to lose weight. The reason these people are so lazy and unmotivated is because it has become somewhat acceptable to be overweight in America. Our nation has become known for having a high obesity rate and that is not something that we should be proud of. Our nation should be striving to get rid of this epidemic that is plaguing the nation and killing so many American citizens and not focus on wars and how the government is going to spend its money. Everyone is concerned about new diseases that have found their way into America even though there are very few deaths related to the disease. Yet, today in America, obesity is…

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