Obesity Is The Next Major Public Health Concern Essay

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Obesity is the next major public health concern in the United States (Eilerman et al.). In the last thirty years, the rate of obesity among adolescents in the United States has quadrupled, and the anatomical health repercussions are being felt (“A Comparison” 16). Health concerns that have a direct correlation with obesity, like heart disease and diabetes, are all on the rise. The issue within society is that few people recognize that obesity is the perpetrator of so many of these health concerns (Ward-Smith 242). For this reason, Americans have created a lifestyle where obesity will continue to exist and likely grow. The American lifestyle has put physical education on the backburner, as the focus is on new technological innovation. With a fast paced culture that demands results instantly, society has created machines to do what used to take hours of physical labor at the push of a button, reducing demand for physical labor. As modern culture has developed in America, demand for a fast paced lifestyle, the rise of the fast food industry, and machines that reduce physical labor paired with a lost emphasis on physical education has resulted in rampant obesity throughout the United States.
There is ample evidence that the proportion of the U.S. population with obesity is increasing at an alarming rate (Menifield, Doty, and Fletcher 87). This is frightening because obesity is such a difficult disease to acquire. Obesity is defined as having a body mass index of thirty or…

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