Essay about Obesity Is Taking The World By Storm

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Obesity is taking the world by storm. It is becoming more and more popular, but it is also becoming more and more preventable. In the past ten years alone, obesity statistics have at least doubled and in some age groups, tripled. Along with the increase in the statistics, the amount of solutions to the problem has also doubled. Obesity has always been a problem throughout time, but it is more of a modern day problem. The main cause of obesity is simply that people aren’t aware of the problem. Also, people aren’t aware of what is healthy and what is unhealthy and how exercise plays such a vital role in staying healthy. The disease of obesity should be brought to the public’s attention because it is such a dangerous and deadly problem. Obesity is the number one killer in the United States because it contributes to the top four leading causes of death and it is also the number one preventable cause of death.
Obesity is a very complex disease and along with complexity there are terms that are very difficult and not normally known. To measure obesity and the severity of the disease they use Body Mass index. “Body Mass index (BMI) is used to define overweight and obesity” (Freeman, Zitlin, Rosenberger, and Granholm 1). In addition to using the Body Mass index there are a few other ways to also measure obesity. “To assess the role of body adiposity index (BAI) in predicting cardiovascular disease (CVD), and coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality, in comparison with body mass index…

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