Obesity Is Not Just A Matter Of Appearance Essay

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Obesity is not just a matter of appearance when it comes to the matter of your health. First obesity is describe as having a BMI over 30 on the body mass index chart (Adult Obesity, 2010). This chart gages whether an individual is normal, over weight, or obese. Now that I have described what obesity is, the problem with this is the vast growth of it across the world and largely in the United State. Right now there are 400 million people worldwide clinically obese (Najafipour, H, 2016). This is very bad noting that with obesity comes very bad health problems that can cut many lives short. My doctors and scientist have found that obesity can cause many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders especially osteoarthritis and some cancers like endometrial, breast, and colon” (Jarali, A. B., & Radhakrishnan, G, 2013, p. 155). It is even predicted that the rate of obesity will continue to grow if we do not take action to stop this epidemic before it grows.
The problem with obesity is that it can and will affect many people’s lives. Before you can become obese you will first become over weight and this problem does not happen overnight, it’s over time that obesity will have its effect on those facing it. Found in 2005 approximately 400 million people were obese and that respectively the number will grow to 700 million worldwide (Najafipour, H, 2016).
“Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat…

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