Obesity Is Not A Disease Essay

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Obesity has become epidemic all over the country, the term obesity is defined as a disease which is mistermed due to lack of understanding of what the disease means. According to the Dictionary, a disease is considered as the disordered of the functioning part or system of the body” but obesity could not be classified as a disease because disease is considered as out of the control but obesity can be controlled. If someone eats the food less or choose to do exercise daily which is considered as the one’s control. According to the American Society Nutrition, they use the popular slogan “eat less and move more” during their public health program to prevent obesity. Obesity is not a disease, it is, the symptoms which are linked with the environmental, genetic predisposing factor and physical and metabolic change.
Obesity is the preventable risk factor of the diseases such as heart disease, diabetes mallitus and high blood pressure same as the smoking and alcohol is the risk factor the lung cancer. So, obesity is not a disease, but the condition is widespread all over the countries. Many countries are conducting research to find out why the obesity is becoming more popular with children and adolescence. Childhood obesity has been rapidly rising may be because of lower socioeconomic status and racial groups. So, to prove that obesity is the serious disorder, in Alabama’s Black Belt region the children was assessed and examine the association with childhood obesity by qualitative…

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