Essay about Obesity Is Eating America?

1730 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Obesity is Eating America In the early 2000’s America was swept with a fast spreading epidemic. This astounding disease has been caused by a surge of fast food restaurants that are cheap and convenient. Portion sizes tripled over the last few decades and people are no longer preparing fresh meals at home. As a result of this country’s obesity problem more people are developing heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol at much younger ages. In response to these alarming statistics more people are doing research trying to find solutions for this problem. To stop this growing epidemic it is going to take Americans 18-25 year olds to change their unhealthy habits and start incorporating more exercise in their daily routines. Although the times have changed from freshly made to processed and pre-packaged it is not impossible to have a healthy diet. In the 40’s and 50’s there were no fast-food emporiums and most meals were prepared and eaten at home. This is true because almost anywhere a person goes they are almost guaranteed to find a McDonald’s in that area. The majority of people today eat fast-food at least once a week opposed to when people would only eat out on special occasions. As a result of America’s obesity problem there have been more natural and organic products available in most grocery stores. With more grocery stores providing healthy alternatives it then becomes the consumers’ responsibility to make the healthier decision. Most people who go grocery…

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