Essay about Obesity Is Becoming A Popular Issue

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Today in America, obesity is becoming a popular issue and big concern in our society because in the film, ‘Super-Size Me’, the U.S. is the fattest country in the world, and the medical costs have doubled in past five years. In this film, Morgan Spurlock had an experience on his body that he eats McDonald’s foods for 30 days to show how fast foods affect a person’s health. Also, in the America, one in four Americans visits a fast-food restaurant which makes McDonald’s serves 46 million foods every day, and a person could easily find fast food restaurants within a mile. In the other film, ‘Reaction of the film Food, Inc’, they discuss about corns that apply to unexpected products in our society, and people are forcing to teach animals to eat corn even though animals are not designed to eat corn. Since animals are forced to eat corns, people would face with the disease called, ‘E-Coli’ which is a bacteria that causes bloody diarrhea. Although the U.S. is a democracy country, the U.S. should restrict on fast food; the government of the U.S. should assist organic food companies to produce organic foods to make Americans healthier and stronger, especially for our next generation. Since the U.S. become fattest country in the world, the U.S. should restrict on fast food for Americans to be healthier and stronger. As of now, fast foods become part of the America culture. According to the Reaction of the film Food, Inc, the organic food industry in the U.S. is not that powerful and…

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