Obesity Is A Problem Throughout The World Essay

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Have you ever been overweight? If you have, you must know that childhood obesity is a huge problem. In today’s society, a dramatic issue in today’s world is known as obesity.Obesity is found all over the world, mostly in every country. Many children are getting the habit of not watching what they are eating. There are many health effects that are caused by eating too much and not exercising enough. If obese children continue to eat large amounts of food, they will suffer the consequences throughout the years. Everything starts from a young age and soon those children become obese adults. Obesity has become a major problem throughout the world and we as people must do something to change our way of living. People must be aware of this issue because it is a life changing event that is affecting children.
First of all, Obesity isn’t affecting a person, but more like millions of people. Childhood obesity is becoming a problem throughout the world and affecting tons of people. This problem is increasing because these children are not watching what they are eating. In other words,
Hernandez 2 children are eating unhealthy and not looking forward into the health effects that it will bring in the future. The main problem is that children are lacking in exercise and are eating inexpensive food. For instance, children are eating off the Mcdonald’s dollar menu, which isn’t a healthy choice. Prices are affecting children because they usually go for what is cheap. They aren’t

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