Obesity Is A Prevalent Health Complication Essay

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Obesity is a prevalent health complication that is affecting children across the United States. A child is considered obese when their weight is twenty percent higher than the ideal weight for a boy or girl of their age and height. Several factors including poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics, environment and socioeconomic status are linked to causing unnecessary weight gain in children. Many children lack the knowledge needed to be conscious of their health. They are unaware of the damage their body is enduring as a result of the poor health choices they are making. It is important that children learn to value their health especially while they are young. Food marketing makes it challenging to instill proper eating habits due to the constant advertising of unhealthy foods directed towards children. Placing stricter regulations on advertisements for food is an effective solution that would allow for the United States to have a healthier population of children.

Let’s Move is a program dedicated to ensuring children a healthy and active life. The program specifically engages schools,communities and the government to take action against childhood obesity. A major goal the program intends to accomplish includes collaborating with the government to place stricter regulations on food advertisements. This goal should be taken seriously because companies are taking advantage of the vulnerability children display. Michelle Obama is the leading voice for Let’s Move. In…

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