Essay about Obesity Is A Major Risk Factor For Cardiovascular Diseases

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According to our text book (p.622), the World Health Organization (WHO, 2000), “defines malnutrition as “bad nourishment” that can be associated with “either too much or too little intake and [is] not limited to the wrong types of food”. Malnutrition is characterized by “inadequate or excess intake of protein, energy and micro nutrients such as vitamins”. In general, malnutrition can be classified into 3 categories: protein-energy malnutrition, micronutrients deficiencies, and obesity”.
Food Nutritious Services (FNS), in their article Nutrition Education and Promotion: The Role of FNS in Helping Low-Income Families Make Healthier Eating and Lifestyle Choices (2010) reveals how obesity has becoming an epidemic in the United States. Obesity is a major problem among our population for both children and adults (FNS, 2010). Meanwhile obesity is considered a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (HTN, high cholesterol), diabetes, stroke and some types of cancer. While realizing and becoming more conscious about this problem, numerous strategies have been developed to reduce the incidence of obesity and minimize its consequences and effects on the health of our community.
There are many important points to be included in the public nutrition program. Nutrition education and promotion of healthy eating habits and lifestyle should be one of them. People need to be educated about healthy nutritional behaviors, healthy food choices, nutritional requirements, food portions,…

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