Obesity Is A Major Public Health Concern Essay

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Obesity is a major public health concern as it can lead to chronic health diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart diseases. Some major risk factors are lifestyle, SES (Socioeconomic Status), and neighborhood. Lifestyle factors such as eating habits and physical activities impact obesity. Education, social status, and income also play a role in preventing or influencing obesity. Lastly, access or lack of healthy fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods plays a role in obesity. This health issue is affecting people from low income neighborhoods from all ages and ethnicities. Women had a slightly higher prevalence rate of obesity at 38.3 percent than men, who had 34.3 percent rate.1 Obesity rates in 2015 for New York State adults from the ages of 45-64 years old were the highest at 29.9%.2 This is a problem because obesity leads to other chronic illnesses and ultimately premature death. If parents do not improve their eating habits, they will pass down the same unhealthy habits to their younger generations, thus keeping the obesity rates at a high. Society has a hand in the alarming rates of obesity because resources are not accessible to all populations, which is why people from low income neighborhoods such as the South Bronx display higher rates of obesity. As of now, we have statistical research that shows obesity is associated with the leading causes of death, however, we do not have enough intervention programs to prevent and reduce…

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