Obesity Is A Major Health Concern Essay

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Obesity is a major health concern in the United States, in which stress and other negative emotions may be contributing to the high percentage of people who are obese. There has been much research on how the food we eat disturbs our physical health however, little research has been done on the relationship between eating behavior and one’s emotional state. This is known as emotional eating in which people use food as a way to make themselves feel better, in which eating fills their emotional need, but not their stomach. Research has shown that the relationship between food and mood is a two way road: our moods can influence the type and amount of food we consume, while the food we consume can in turn influence our later mood, which can lead to obesity, poor self-esteem, and unwanted weight gain (McCullum,2016). Emotional eating is typically triggered by stress and anxiety, which may lead to overeating and making poor food choices (Stevens,2000). A key influence to emotional eating is how people decide to respond to the stress or situation (Stevens,2000). People who are typically less thrown off by stress tend to focus on how they want to beneficially deal with a negative situation or they simply move on (Stevens,2000). Those who tend to experience more disruption due to a negative situation are more likely to stay focused on the problem, mentally replaying the distressing situation over and over again and turn to food to deal with the stress. (Stevens,2000). Symptoms of…

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