Obesity Is A Growing Epidemic Essay

1186 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
Obesity is a growing epidemic on a global scale, especially in the United States. Throughout the years, the social norms of cheap but high-calorie food has grown because of easy access, the sedentary lifestyle has drastically increased, and portion sizes have dramatically increased. Some would be lazy about the solutions with the way society is now, which in reality are the excuses for not wanting to change. For instance people talk about the excuses on how time, money, controlling portions, and not being motivated to live a healthy lifestyle is not attainable, but if you look it at, it really is. To prove that, I will debunk each of those excuses and show that obesity is indeed reversible.
What is obesity? It’s when someone who is so overweight threatens their health. Statistics show that thirty-five percent of Americans are classified as having a normal weight in 2014, while 35.3% of adults are considered “overweight/obese’”. The obesity rate was 25.5% in 2008 while in 2015 it has gone up yo 68.6 %. (Gallup). Obesity typically results from over-eating, especially an unhealthy diet. Apparently it has become a huge deal in society now and potions sizes come into play with this because we, the world, slowly but gradually accepted the fact that the portion sizes are increasing. Now of course, nobody stands over us, making us eat, but food psychology being what it is, we do it anyway.
According to an article, Whitter wrote and Rolls explained, researchers say food…

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