Essay about Obesity Is A Disease?

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Obesity is a disease What are the requirements that make something a disease? A disease is an abnormal condition that affects parts of the body or the whole body. What if obesity is considered to be a disease; in fact it does hinder parts of the body just like a disease does. In most recent studies obesity has been increasing at a fast rate. Most people believe obesity is something that can happen as a result of poor self choices. Although there are small disagreements with obesity being declared a disease, there are more benefiting it. Obesity should be properly considered a disease because of the (AMA) American Medical Association classification, to help force awareness on patients/ doctors, and so government will take action against obesity. The public needs to be be aware of obesity. By the American Medical Association classifying it as a a disease should help awaken the public. The American Medical Association or the AMA classified obesity a disease with a 60.4 % to 39.6% lead. On Tuesday, June 18, 2013 the AMA officially classified obesity a disease. The AMA made many comparisons to other related diseases to prove that obesity in fact is becoming a common disease. For example, “The suggestion that obesity is not a disease, but rather a consequence of a chosen lifestyle exemplified by overeating and/or inactivity is equivalent to suggesting that lung cancer is not a disease because it was brought about by individual choice to smoke cigarettes” (75). The AMA has…

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