Obesity In America Essay

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The health of America is always in question, as American are viewed as overweight because we eat too much. In America, there is definitely a lot of options on what people can eat from fast foods to restaurants and there is abundance of availability of food. There is a lot of options to choose from; however, exclaiming that Americans are overweight because they eat too much is overlooking the real problem on the American lifestyle. The article I have chosen examines the increase of obesity levels in American and identifies what is the real problem to the rise in obesity levels. To create solutions, “you have to understand the problem” and identify the culprit. The article’s main point is that the key problem of obesity is not the Americans overeating, but it is that Americans …show more content…
The diets that are suppose to help you lose weight “don’t work because nutrition is not the main underlying problem”. By looking at different lifestyles between subsistence and urban societies, the evidence showing that inactivity is the problem is clear. Dr. Barber explains how “urbanites sit around in offices much of the time and do not get enough exercise to regulate their body weight at a healthy level”. In experiments, “volunteers upped their food uptake by 50%, there was no increase in body weight among physical active individuals”, when compared to “inactive individuals [where they] put on plenty of weight”. By becoming active, we can control our weight to set it at a healthy level. Comparing the people in subsistence societies to urban societies, there is “much more [physical activity]” and they have “very low levels of overweight and obesity” in subsistence societies. Dr. Barber explains how transitioning “to an urban lifestyle can be devastating” because of the difference in physical activity. Hunters and gatherers can eat so much and gain

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