Obesity, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Cancer, And Diabetes Mellitus

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Obesity, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes mellitus: these are all nutritional diseases that negatively affect many Americans today. But what if all of these diseases could be prevented by establishing good nutritional habits from birth? Establishing good nutritional habits sets the foundation for a child’s life. Nutrition is important even before the child is born. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure the child eats foods essential for proper growth. As the child grows, they will begin to make food choices on their own. Their choices will be a reflection of the habits they have learned from their parents. These habits will follow them into elementary school where they will be able to make their own choices at lunch. As they advance to middle school, students will have to begin to learn how to balance school life with nutrition. Junk food becomes more convenient and less costly. The choices they continue to make will follow them into high school and onward. Keeping the good habits learned in childhood will prepare them to be healthy adults. So, what impact do parents and schools have on a child’s nutritional habits?
Breast feeding is the best method of feeding an infant. According to Maureen Black 's article "Helping Children Develop Healthy Eating Habits," the first year of life is characterized by expeditious developmental changes related to eating. Children transition their diet from breast milk or formula to the family diet. Infants begin to…

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