Obesity : Healthy Eating Habits And Physical Activity Essay

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Having excess body weight compared to a certain height is defined as being overweight or also obese. One third of this generation’s children and adolescents are overweight or obese. Nursing management goals are to prevent new cases of overweight children, identify children who are overweight, and to support families to establish healthy lifestyles that promote weight loss and maintenance of recommended weight. (Ball, Bindler, & Cowen, p. 326) Diet and body weight are linked to having a good health status. For children to grow and develop it is very important to have a diet that is good in nutrition. Having a healthy diet also reduces the risk of having many poor health conditions. This paper aims to explore obesity, healthy eating habits and physical activity. Physical and psychosocial health can be impacted by children and adolescence who are obese. Children and adolescence who are obese are more likely to develop a low self-esteem. Being obese can also lead to depression. It is more likely that children and adolescence who are obese are more than likely to still be obese when they enter into adulthood. Obesity is thought to be caused by consuming too much fat and too many calories and not getting enough exercise. Genetics can also be a factor that causes obesity. Many health problems can develop from being overweight or obese. Overweight children in the United States is an epidemic and is associated with many health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, stroke,…

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