Outline On Obesity

Obesity, hard to control!!
What is Obesity? What are the major causes for it? What are the consequences of obesity? How to overcome the problem? Who is responsible for being obese? In USA, the major health concern is obesity; it has risen by 33 percentages when compared to past 10 years. Obesity means having too much body weight than required. We can find obesity status by BMI (Body Mass Index) chart; this chart gives you the BMI for your height and weight. If your BMI is less than 18.5 underweight, 18.5 – 24.9 idle weight, 25 – 29.9 overweight, more than 30 Obese. Don’t wait check your obese status. Obesity is mainly caused by consuming junk food; there are many other concerns like sedentary life style, time factor, lack of sleep, stress and
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What is a junk food? What kind of foods do we consider as junk? In technical, the food which has more salt, fructose level and fat cells in it we consider as junk food. In simple, we can consider as the McDonalds meals, Denny’s omelet, coco cola soda and blended smoothies as junk food. This kind of food is real danger for health, which is available at food restaurants. The fast food restaurants easily attract the people with mouthwatering offers as it’s their business. In the last 4 decades, there has been an enormous growth of fast food restaurants. The food restaurants are abundant in U.S., the food restaurants, like Jack in the Box, Carls Jr, In and Out Burger, KFC and Mc Donald’s, use precooked, frozen food, they serve it by thawing in boiling oil. How far do you think this food is good for health? In a hurry and hungry life, we have no time to choose our own food. In this corporate world, people find it hard it cook than to compete with the peers at work. The employees who are tiered at work will obviously prefer to eat outside than to cook at home. It’s true. Moreover, food companies are easy to find out with many services, but we need to find a restaurant that is convenient, economical and mostly healthy to us. There are some food restaurants like subway, chipotle, and subs; where you can prepare your own meal of your sides and raw vegetables. In simple, this kind of meal helps you to prepare your own meal at a fast …show more content…
I want to let you know how the fat stores in our body. Why is fat stored mostly on the middle part of the body? Do you all know how many calories do we consume by having a meal consisting of cheese burger, French fries, ketchup, sausage, and soda? I assure we easily consume 1000-1300 calories. If we consume these many calories at a time we have serious impact on our mind and heart. The cortisol liquid released in your mind makes you to feel lazy and the heart beat rises. Moreover, our body looks for some nutrients in our food we consume but the food taken by us has artificial sugar, salts and thousands of fat cells which easily combines in the blood. When sugar combines with insulin in our blood, it was stored at the middle part your body along the waist. This was the main reason why people have excess fat on their waist and middle body. When sugar is combined with fat cells your belly grows in to an oval shape, due to this particular shape we feel a lot of pressure on the heart to pump the blood in to the vessels. This junk food reduces your life span without your knowledge. So we need to be care full while choosing our meals, choose the low calorie food as we all don’t have enough time to exercise. It’s up to an individual to choose food I

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