Obesity Epidemic, Food Manufacturers And The Consumers Themselves

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Reyna Newby
English 1A

Who 's to Blame?

Who 's to blame for this obesity epidemic, food manufacturers or the consumers themselves? In discussions of obesity in America, one controversial issue has been the question of who 's to blame for the high percentage of obese children and adults in America. On one hand, Zinczenko argues that food manufacturers are to blame for the high percentage of obesity in America. On the other hand, Balko contends that a person’s health should be their own responsibility, not the government 's nor the food manufacturers. After searching online for a few hours, I found quite a few articles that both agreed and disagreed with both Balko and Zinczenko 's arguments. My feelings on the issue are mixed. I do support Zinczenko 's position that fast food companies should be held accountable however, i also find Balko 's argument about personal responsibility to be equally persuasive. I feel as though there is more that food manufacturers can do to ensure the consumer their right to choose. Living a healthy lifestyle can get pretty expensive. If all a person can afford is the dollar menu, and all dollar menus have are burgers and fries, then that is what the consumer is going to buy. You hardly ever see a hearty bowl of salad on a dollar menu. Food manufacturers don 't make it easy to be healthy. Zinczenko states, "Complicating the lack of alternatives is the lack of information about what, exactly, we 're consuming. There…

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