Obesity Epidemic Among The United States Essay

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What has contributed to the dramatic rise in overweight and obesity in the United States in the past 30 years? There a significant rise in obesity that has advanced considerably not only in America, but throughout world public, which has developed a serious health problems with major economic and social concerns. In view of that, obesity has become a topic of economic investigation. This research will provide a comprehensive investigation of the current and mounting economic problem on the causes of obesity. The problems, both academic and experimental, the complete goals is to clarify the rising obesity drift and to identify the factors that contribute to obesity. Likewise, learn some of the non-economic causes and concerns of obesity and the fitting together by means of economic impacts. By being sympathetic of the causes of obesity permits polices to be measured that might help bridge this worldwide epidemic in obesity.
Some, study had showed that “The obesity epidemic ranks among the leading causes”. (WHO, 1998) (Rosin, 2008) are “poor diet and physical inactivity were the second leading cause of death in the USA in 2000 and may soon overtake tobacco as the leading cause of avoidable death” (Mokdad et al.,2004) (Rosin, 2008). “Obesity is a complex medical condition, which has social and psychological dimensions and some major economic aspects.” (WHO, 2000) (Rosin, 2008). “It affects people of all ages and socio-economic groups, and of both genders, and is not…

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