Obesity : Common Medical Condition Essay

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Obesity is very common medical condition what is resulted by consuming a high amount of calories and doing a limited amount of physical activities. In 21st century we have experienced a rapid growth in obesity and it has now become a serious problem .It has become more common as our lifestyle has changed and it became more and more comfortable. We are not forced to do any physical effort in order to survive. Nowadays, people travel to work in a comfortable car, spend all day on a chair in an office behind computers, having high fat snack during the day. After work we spend our evenings on a sofa. This lifestyle, with limited physical activities, in combination with the biological factors often leads to obesity. Obesity affects mainly people living in western counties and especially genetically predisposed people.
And It is very difficult to maintain body weight especially because it would be necessary to do changes in our comfortable and habitual life style. But some people have very intense fear of becoming fat, they always think they already are fat, even though sometimes they are underweighted. They become so obsessed of losing weight that they refuse eat normally, what usually leads to severe health problems. Having restriction of food intake often leads to complex psychic diseases like anorexia nervosa.
Anorexia nervosa belongs to one of the most common and dangerous psychological disorders, it has the highest death rates than any other mental illness. But what…

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